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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Retail Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Retail Law - Essay Example The UK law is applicable when selling or leasing goods or services, that are used by individual consumers, family or the household uses. Retailers are prohibited from applying dishonesty, misrepresentations or falsified operations and practices. This act ensures that goods and services sold to the customer are in good condition. On the other hand this act ensures that the retailers make sure that they receive goods from manufacturers or wholesales in good condition for them to sale to the end user. The laws in UK calls for the retail business person to affix a sign to the products sold or put a sign in a place which it can be easily be read by the buyer before he/she can purchase the product. The sign placed should be able to give details of return policy of the seller. If the seller fails to place a sign then, the consumer should be given 20 days in which he/she can return the purchase item and be fully refunded or credited back on his/her credit card. In case a buyer had paid using a cheque, then a seller may delay refunding the money for 10 days to allow the cheque to clear. This law do not apply to products which are outdated. Post season or reduced for sale clearance. It also does not cover special order purchases or buying that involves selling or leasing motor vehicles. This acts the consumer by giving him/her a chance to return items that malfunction back to retailers hence, not losing out. As, for the retailer it ensures that he/she also returns back the same goods to the manufacturer or wholesaler, he/she also do not lose out. (Department of Trade Industry, 2005) Bait and switch advertising This law is not used when the retailer clearly indicates that there are a few items that are available, in such a case then the advert must indicate the number of items offered for sale. The act protects the customer from buying an item based on an advert which is false. Thus ensures that goods advertised are same as sold. To the retailer this is good because he will only advertise what he exactly has. Recording credit card numbers on checks In this law the retailer can request the buyer or the customer to show his/her credit card and then the retailer can record the card insurer and the expiring date. In case a buyer refuses to show his/her card, the retailer then can reject to accept the check. This law does not apply when a retailer has accepted to cash checks as an after sale service for issuer's cardholders in case the issuer of the credit card has accepted to assure payment for its cardholder's checks, or if the buyer having the card do accepts his/her credit card numbers to be recorded on the check. This is a very important act that protects the consumer from fraudulent retailers who can use the consumer credit card number to obtain money with fraudulent. However, for the retailer it will also save him/her from customers who may want to get goods or service with fraudulent means for example, using expired credit card. Sale of goods by description This act defines the rights of the consumer to presume goods to "conform to contract" and the consumer can look for redress if the goods bought are found not to conform to the

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