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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Facundo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Facundo - Essay Example The book discusses different themes and also outlines, in length, different important concepts based upon which the future of the Argentinean politics is to be defined. What is critical is the extensive coverage of the concept of nation in the book and how interlinked the ethnicity, culture and nation with each other. Facundo also discusses at length as to who shall be taken into consideration while building the nation and who are to be left out while deciding upon how the culture and politics of a nation to be explored and understood. It is also critical to note as to how the concepts of civilization as well as barbarianism has been actually pitted against each other in defining the overall concept of nation. (Ludmer, 2002) This paper will choose topic 1 of the assignment and will discuss and explore the concept of nation as discussed in Facundo besides discussing as to who he considers as unwanted and need to be left. This paper will also discuss and explore some of the contradictions in his arguments. One of the key parts of the overall arguments in Facundo is how the author has actually been able to relate the culture and geography. By presenting a historical analysis of the geography of Argentina as well as its culture, Sarmiento actually has been able to demonstrate as to how the interaction of geography and culture is important for defining what a nation is and what should be its future orientation. By presenting a historical analysis of the geography and the people, Facundo has been able to demonstrate as to who are the people who have been the cause of the problem for the nation in past. It is critical to note that Sarmiento updated Facundo in its different versions and editions hence actually outlining as to what is his vision for the nation. As such the overall contents of the book depended upon the circumstances prevailing at that time and Sarmiento seem to have driven lot of power and ideological ground

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