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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Digital Environment and Its Impact

Question: Describe about the Digital Environment and Its Impact? Answer: Introduction: In todays world we can access the data within the one press of fingertip. With the digitization in environment, it seems convenient and beneficial for those citizens, who are having access to this digital environment. Even advertising on the internet has become a necessity to promote a product. Consumers use internet and the internet assists them in knowing the product better by sitting at home. Mobile dependency: Now a day mobile devices are used as a daily requirement to go beyond the need of communication. In todays world there is the use of mobile computing, in order to fulfill all the necessities without being dependent over those big devices like computer. One can make the word document, power point slides, read newspapers with the mobile devices (Lu, 2012). With the Internet technology, one can have access online newspaper, book and journals. The social networking sites play a crucial role to develop the madness to use this kind of devices. These devices include smart phones, tablets etc. These devices are nothing but the example of ease of use. As I kept my self away from the use of the cell phone for 24 hour, I faced a lot of difficulties to manage my daily routine- I used to set alarm, reminders even read daily online journal, newspaper. I was able to access my files, documents from anywhere. Even I used to give the final touches to my documents (McHale, 2011). If an advertisement industry thinks to do the advertisement on the need of the technological environment, they can raise these facts on ease of use, provided by the smart phones or featured phone. They can advertise on these technologies to show how much they are required to make us updated. They can show the lack of communication, lack of the ability to access the feature present in the mobile devices in order to fulfill our requirement (Udell and Woodill, n.d.). Significance of digital environment in advertising: The digital world has made a huge impact on marketing. This online marketing tool has enhanced the product reach largely. In today`s world we cannot imagine a single day without technology. Everything in the world would just stop. Advertising on the internet has become a necessity to promote a product. Consumers use internet and the internet assists them in knowing the product better by sitting at home. The gigantic internet reach has significantly encouraged the people than traditional advertisements at a minute cost. Internet advertising is perfect for business targeting national and international market. The advertisements are done through events, internet, televisions and mobile phone SMS. This interesting world of advertisement would become so bogus if we lose technology just for one single day. Technology has saved a lot of cost to the company by reaching a huge number of customers within a single go (Ryan and Jones, 2011). Conclusion: As far as the advertising issues are concerned due to the absence of the mobile technology, industries will be unable to promote their product using a bid fat advertisement. Now a day, industries promote and advertise their product using the internet technology online even the use of text messages help the industries to circulate their information about their personal application. So that user can download those apps and get more benefits. References: Lu, Z. (2012). Learning with mobile technologies, handheld devices, and smart phones. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. McHale, K. (2011). Mobile devices and their use in technology. [S.l.: Webster's Digital Services. Udell, C. and Woodill, G. (n.d.). Mastering mobile learning. Ryan, D. and Jones, C. (2011).The best digital marketing campaigns in the world. London: Kogan Page.

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